Deb Rees
Deb Rees
Name: Debra P Reeswitherspoon
Status: Deceased?
Age: 5,692
Date of birth: 2500 B.C.
Birthplace: Garden of Eden
Date of death: 2013
Deathplace: Unicorn Stables
Cause of death: Impaled by Unicorn.
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Education: Kindergarten
Alias(es): The One Horned Baconstrip
Profession: Unicorn Wrangler
Father: Thanos
Mother: Odin
Sibling(s): Dirk, Lester, Jeb, Derek, Teddy, Brittany, Chad Boswick.
Significant other(s): Boyfriend:
Harold Quince (d. 2013)
Bobby Trench
Children: Bitmoji, Applechowder
Played by: Paula Patton
Appears in: 1 film

Deb Rees (died 2013) was.


Deb Rees was an undercover hooker working as an international unicorn wrangler. She had seven brothers and two kids all of which she ate! She loved bobby beans who was her Pimp, Father, and lover. She died when her favorite unicorn impaled her on his head spike. Her body dangles from that unicorns head to this day.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Deb Rees was portrayed by Paula Patton in 2 Guns.


2 Guns